Friday, July 8, 2011

It's easy to be busy than to be lonely

When fate and destiny brought you to the place of greener pasteur in order to make your life more beautiful than before but gave you a challenge on how to retain your sanity, would you care to resolve and stay or you preferred to leave and escape?

 Most expats called their rest-zone  as flat and i called mine as dungeon. But the colours of the rainbow gave me too much ideas that even dungeon can be a better place to live in, the most exciting place I always miss to stay in, and my only comfort zone.

The flood of tears I wasted during the first year of my stay in the country never gave me satisfaction and self-accomplishment. The power of prayer led me toward the discovery of God's given talent of hand works and hardworks.

Even family, friends and love-ones are not around to provide supports in all your needs as a human being. Satisfaction and self-accomplishment were fulfiled by simple things that can create great things. The hook, needle, scissor, yarns and beads became my loyal friends as I continue my life. Tranquillity of the place is my pillow and blanket when I get tired.

Spending time with yourself would teach you to became passionate. Passion is my best adviser in making great things. Giving more quality time with my loyal friends made the hand of the clock to move fast and changing months in my calendar became my favorite habit. So, I realize that being busy is easier than being lonely.


  1. like it..the story of long ago..salute u mam for these wonderful handicrafts..keep it up!

  2. You make such beautiful items...very artistic and colorful. Love them! You are definitely talented.

  3. Thank you so much Susq :) mwa!

  4. Anonymous,

    Thank you so much :)
    Enjoy visiting my blog.
    More stories to come.


  5. Your work is so beautiful. I love your use of colour.


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