Monday, January 9, 2012


Year 2012 is a TAURUS and a DRAGON year - My year!

The preparation for more successful life has been started.

Thank you Oh my Lord that you made these things happen as the year started.
... Thank you for all angels that arrived like a jet plane and stood still on my back when the strength of my toes is not enough to stand straight. I know that my time is not enough to keep in touch with them most of the time, but they never leave me alone in times like these and they encourage more angels to play the lyre to give me peaceful sleep at night.

Thank you Oh Lord to all the people in the English alphabet from A-Z who gave so much contribution for my love, peace, happiness, pain, success and failures. Without them, I will never enjoy the life on earth.

Thank you Oh Lord for my eyes by which the tears coming out in times that the evil side of my tongue and the dangerous nails of my paws are about to attack and harm others.

Thank you Oh Lord for all the skills that serves as my tools to support my unwavering confidence to fight and defend myself.

I am a fighter and I always fight for FAIR treatment AND JUSTICE no matter what it takes. The name is MAY and i don’t use any other names to cover-up my FAILURES.
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