Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Last batch for booties

Endless shades of happiness

I hate round pattern just because its difficult to perfect it. It was always on my mind and finding courage not only to start making it but to finish it :)

It was Saturday, when i received a good news from a gift! No other than my jumbo baby pooh! She did it again... without NayNay beside her...Im happy and sad. Happy because i am so proud to be her mother, but sad because i was not there during those times she needed my help. :(

And so, I started this pattern. I feel it was a baby in the womb. My fingers and wrist will soon be hurt in nurturing and holding it...but as i watch it grows...i realized... WOW! I cant believe I made like this. Maybe not perfect, but u dont need it to be perfect to make it beautiful.

The different colors tells the different powers sorrounds me...

Thanks for Kenny G for his instrumental music when bad memories came to my mind. It rejuvenated the love and passion i have inside.

This is just a piece  of my project just to give u an idea :) Join with me with my new endeavor...the endless shade of happiness...
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