Friday, July 8, 2011

First time on hook after 25 years

Wooh! After 25 years, I tried crochet again. But it was never been easy to me. It gave too much stress to my fingers and wrists. My eyes were tired and I felt so upset because even a small round coaster was a big challenge. Patience and perseverance is one of my characteristics that supposedly enough to learn that simple pattern. But since i dont have formal training in this handwork, I dont know how to read stitches from pattern and counting 1, 1-2, and 1-2-3 were very difficult.

The vinyl table mat  helped me to make my first project in crochet in September 2009. I extracted square pieces of the mat and stiched it with simple linings. I made different colours of linings such as red, pink, blue, green, red, orange, combination of green and yellow and combination of red and yellow. This project also helped me to remember how to handle the hook  tightly or little bit loose.

I sold two sets of this project for 3 OMR in early 2010 that gave me so much confidence to make more projects heheheh...


  1. great job sis! two thumb's up for you... Mwuah!

  2. nice te may:)go gurl!!


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