Monday, November 14, 2011

Eid Al-Adha's HookWorks Projects

Missing me a lot??? I know, I know, it’s been long time you didn’t heard anything from me :( I was in the hibernate mode, reminiscing good moments, reading, remembering names and categorizing them according to types? LOL!! Cray pass painting, packing things going back home, organizing my collection of beads, stitching and of course crocheting.
The 10-day vacation never been too long for me but it was really a happy experience. Craving for foods I wanna eat, craving for people you missed in your life, and craving for kids to play and fight! Heheheh!
I used to be an independent person. But i really missed being dependent just to feel you are being cared...anyways! Forget it! Hahahahha!
Some people asked me how I managed my life being alone and yet happy. I told them, It’s not always happy being alone but better than to be surrounded with people and create troubles with them LOL  :P ( It makes sense) Well, it so happened that no one can bribe me. Heheheh
But believe me, if you have faith in God, no need for series of Bible sessions and church attendance, call Him, pray with faith, He never leaves you alone in the dark (even both tubelights are ON J)! He shut up your mouth, let your mind talks and your hands will work. :)
I spent all days in my beautiful dungeon. Slept early and pray, wake up early and pray, bathe early and start my activities. Coffee/tea, biscuits, noodles, egg, rice and canned fruits are my surviving foods in Eid time. Movies, love songs, videoke, and prayers are my secret weapons to fight boredom.
Someone told me that crocheting will never make me rich. That convincing words made me to strive hard to do more projects not to have more money and get rich with money but to have priceless, countless and become wealthy in self-fulfillments that only few can realize the worth of it. Money, awards, nor prizes ever make me happy. I never satisfied with it. But my handworks speak about me.
So, join with me and feel how i enjoyed the moments when I am surrounded with yarns, hooks, scissors, needles, beads, colours, love songs and prayers. I wish I have small kitten to play with :P
Check more shades of booties very Soon!

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