Friday, September 23, 2011

First ever made Hook Works' Pattern

Atlast!!! Finally I completed my ever first made pattern/instruction for this hat. Yeah, it is a 10-page instruction to create this very sweet hat. Honestly, i dont really know the name of the stitches, only how to do it. This first version may not be perfect. But sooner, i can perfect it :) Woot woot I can finally conduct tutorials for small girls very soon. This maybe so simple to others, but i considered this a one of my self-accomplishments. I cant imagine, I passed the day peaceful...though I have cold and sneezed so much :( I finally got what i dream to have one day....a crochet instruction.

Wanna try my pattern?? Send mail to Hook Works.
Free for the first 10 requests :)

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  1. Thank you so much KillaSutti, you are one of my inspirations to complete this pattern :)

  2. Is beautiful, congratulations. I'd like to try this pattern if it is possible, my mail is Excuse me for my bad English, I'm from Mexico.

  3. hi hun what beautiful things you have addes to your blog am i to late to try that beautiful hat pattern if yes no problem , saw that you said that while people sleep you crochet is it because of time factor iam up most nights because of my illness which is chronic stops me from sleeping so if iam up to it i love to crochet which is baby things mostly due to me having a new granddaughter 4 and 1/2 months ago i love fancy pretty dresses and bonnets mostly plus i do make pretty cardigans my email addy is keep up the excellent work take care my friend xxxx suz uk


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